According to Chris–

  • November 15 : The Ranch Room at the Horseshoe Cafe
  • November 29 : Cafe Akroteri : discussion of Dreamsnake, by Vonda McIntyre
  • December 6 : The Beaver
  • December 20 : Flatland, aka Chris and Jessica’s house : discussion of Gateway, by Frederik Pohl
  • January 3 : Chihuahua’s


  • September 6: Chris & Jessica, to make up for their plumbing emergency last week. Jessica previously wrote: “We’ll have a potluck. I suggest everyone bring a salad of some kind. I will be making spelt salad; it is vegetarian, gluteny, nutty, and includes dairy. Chris and I will also be providing dessert (also vegetarian, gluteny, nutty, and dairyey).”
  • September 20: Mike’s Manor. Discussion: Joan Vinge’s The Snow Queen (Hugo 1981) and/or Clifford Simak’s Grotto of the Dancing Deer.
  • September 34: TBD.